Liberation Theologian Francisco Herrera Uses Songs to Promote Social Justice 

New album Honor Migrante crosses physical and musical borders

Growing up in the border town of Calexico, Francisco Herrera always straddled two worlds. “My siblings and cousins and I used to sing rancheras and some mariachi at family parties, and when we got a little older we started some garage rock bands,” he recalls of his early musical exploits. But as he became more involved in the church and in particular with the Latin American school of Liberation Theology, Herrera began exploring ways to use music…Read more

New Product: RMV420 Rack Mound Vaporizer and some DUB 

I went over to Megasonic Studios in Oakland to check out the new product, RMV420 Rack Mounted Vaporizer, now shipping from Model42, so we set up a little Dub station to try it out. I don't partake myself, but you can see that the unit lends itself to the rack dub gear. We set up the Korg Mono Synth into the Roland Space Echo into the MU-TRON for some crazy dubiness.

Oakland Singer Discovers Musical Roots in New Orleans 

New album by CHELLE! and Friends brings Louisiana spirit to the Bay Area

Oakland, CA

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michelle Jacques always chose French as her elective language in school. “I never knew what attracted me to the French language, and I never knew why The Bay never quite felt like home until I started my research.” In 2008 Jaques, also known as “Chelle” to her many listeners, fans, and students, was awarded a City of Oakland Individual Artist Grant to travel to New Orleans “to…Read more

SF Weekly Article 

Saw this great article in the SF Weekly, enjoy! Goodfeather will be playing at the Red Devil Lounge, 1695 Polk at Clay in San Francisco, on Wednesday, April 21st at 8pm with Bright Blues and Red Penny One.

Song Stories

By Hiya Swanhuyser

Warm, honest vocals à la Jack Johnson, a honeyed acoustic guitar, and philosophical lyrics characterize the songs of Goodfeather. Fans of Dave Matthews, this is the up-and-coming artist you dream of: the folky, Indian John…Read more

The Spirit of Carnaval 

In February Carne Cruda went down to San Diego with Dandara Bracken / De Bahia a Bahia. My cousin Nicole Landau shot this video while we were there. Enjoy!

New Puppy 

There's a new puppy in the family, she's half Chihuaha and half Yorkshire Terrier, or Chorkie for short. Here is a video of her trying to get my other dog RockXena the Warrior Princess to play with her.

San Diego Brazilian Carnaval 

Heading down to Carnaval San Diego this Saturday to play with De Bahia a Bahia featuring Carne Cruda and Dandara. It's gonna be a blast! Here's a preview:

Native Singer Dons Baseball Cap in Lieu of Feathers 

When Native American singer and activist Floyd Red Crow Westerman passed away in 2007, Jeremy Goodfeather’s Hunka (adopoted) mother asked him to play a few songs at the Oakland memorial, a request that launched an unexpected series of events for the San Francisco resident. “I had established myself as a community member within the Native circle, but people had no idea I could sing,” recalls Goodfeather, who’s debut album is out now on Round Whirled Records. “When they heard me playing Floyd’s songs, and…Read more

Music for The Oak Park Story documentary 

I've been working as the Music Supervisor and Composer for a short documentary called "The Oak Park Story" directed by my old teacher from high school Valerie Soe. She was my teacher in the Film and Video department at School of the Arts in San Francisco. In fact, she just blogged about it here:

I'm also working on the score to another documentary called CoInTelPro 101 for The Freedom Archives about the FBI's program to undermine…Read more